CharismaticCrystals ⋆ Triggers and DNI List

Scroll down with caution, keeping in mind that both lists will include topics that are typically triggering

🐸 - Only applies to those who I'm not close to


  • Pictures of real bugs

  • Jokes about the Holocaust

  • Jokes about Autism and about neurodivergent people in general

  • Mentions of bad experiences with a father figure 🐸

  • Father's Day

  • Vomit

  • Actual gore (SH scars included)

  • Mentions of SH 🐸

  • Mentions of IRL drug usage; depends on situation severely

  • Discord servers with a lot of members (It's fine if I joined when there weren't many members, but being asked to join a server that's already big makes me nervous)

  • Being added to group chats randomly

  • The words "futa" and "futanari"

  • Lucario and sometimes Pokémon in general

  • The name "Luca"

Some triggers are heavily dependent on the situation. If by chance a topic relating to a trigger is brought up, I'll cut you short if need be. If I don't cut you short, please don't be afraid to continue even if you realize it's a trigger of mine. I would've let you know if I was bothered! ♡

A few triggers also relate to past experiences regarding a toxic friend I cut off. They may seem silly, but I'd like if you could please respect them because they genuinely bring up memories I don't wish to think about.

DNI if:

  • Homophobic

  • Transphobic

  • LGBTQ+phobic in general

  • Use religion to justify why being queer or trans is supposedly "wrong" or a "sin"

  • Don't respect people's pronouns

  • Ableist

  • Sexist

  • Misogynist

  • Racist

  • Anti-Semitic

  • Support Nazis/are a Nazi

  • Support MAPs/are a MAP

  • Fetishize mlm and/or wlw relationships (this includes yaoi and yuri)

  • Fetishize trans people

  • Infantilize neurodivergent people

  • Fake a mental illness, disorder, or some form of disability

  • Fake being LGBTQ+ (It's okay if you're questioning/trying labels; That's not faking!!)

  • Body-shame people/promote body-shaming

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